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Safe diving with DIVO

Diving is an activity that is subject to high standards for training, safety and equipment. Safety solutions currently available in the market are based on two premises, firstly that the diver is capable of taking action and secondly that his actions are rational. The causality of the majority of diving accidents is that the diver panics and fails to act or react in a lucid manner. [singlepic id=165 w=320 h=240 float=right]In recognition of this fact, the Swedish inventor and Consensum Board Member, Janne Stööd, commenced work on the innovation that has resulted in DIVO and Autodrop. Through the identification and analysis of a serious safety problem in sports diving, Consensum has developed a unique method and technical solution to address the problem.

Divo eliminate drowning DIVO will eliminate the majority of fatal drowning accidents involving sports divers.
Since early 2003, Stööd and his partners have worked on research, testing and trails and the patenting of various safety products. In order to commercialise the inventions they invited expert opinion on product development and ‘go to market’ procedures. The result is now established in the form of Consensum AS, where Janne Stööd and his co-inventor Ola Patriksson are both engaged. Their total holding in the company, through their Swedish limited company Oneighty management AB, is a little under 30 %.

DIVO – How it works?
[singlepic id=164 w=320 h=240 float=left]Diving accident causality is almost always human error on the part of the diver. It can be that the diver miscalculates air consumption, breathing air is exhausted and the diver is unable to reach the surface. Even in cases in which the diver manages to reach the surface, it is by no means certain that he will be able to remain buoyant. The duress of the situation can cause panic and irrational behaviour resulting, for example, in the diver being unable to release the manual inflation mechanism of his life jacket. The diver may also be vulnerable to cardiac arrest, stroke and other medical crises while under water, leaving him incapacitated and unable to act. Consensum is primed to offer the market an innovative product called ‘DIVO’ that will significantly minimize the number of drowning accidents.

DIVO is a unique, patented invention that provides reasonably priced “life insurance” for sports divers. This is the first time that a product equipped to deal with the afore-mentioned risks has been available on the market.

DIVO consists of a mechanical / pneumatic valve that is automatically[singlepic id=162 w=320 h=240 float=right] activated if the diver stops breathing or the pressure of the breathing air tank air falls below five bars. The functions are linked to three different variables; water depth, respiration and air tank pressure. If the diver stops breathing normally, for example, has not breathed for 30 seconds, and/or the pressure in the air tank falls to less than five bars, a valve is activated that automatically inflates the life jacket and the diver ascends to the surface. If the dive goes according to plan, the device will be unnoticeable. On the surface, and only on the surface, can a lone diver receive help. DIVO brings the diver to the surface and keeps him afloat until help is at hand or the diver regains consciousness and is able to help himself. Consensum’s objective is to reduce the number of drowning accidents in sports diving by approximately 80 %. The remaining 20 % are fatal accidents that occur outside the scope of activities for which DIVO is designed, for example diving in grottos and wrecks in which there is no free passage of ascent to the surface, and incidents in which the diver suffers a fatal, untreatable medical crisis such as cardiac arrest or stroke.

[singlepic id=196 w=320 h=240 float=left]Divo has been developed in cooperation with industrial giant Bosch, which will also manufacture the product. The management teams of Consensum and Bosch are also discussing the advantages of distributing the product through Bosch’s extensive, global distribution network. DIVO can be used in combination with all diving equipment on the market without modification, regardless of manufacturer. Patent applications for DIVO were submitted in October 2005 and it is expected that the patents will be granted in 2009. Consensum owns the patents and all other intellectual rights to the products.